It’s good that you’re telling us fat old white men what the latest and greatest Chinese social media platform is, but unless you can tell us how to meet a client objective or solve a problem, you’re not creating any value.

Bill Adams to local twentysomething Chinese social media guru



If you have IT problems I feel bad for ya, son
I got 99 problems, but a glitch ain’t one.

Wanda Arrives Arrives in Beverly Hills

Wanda Arrives Arrives in Beverly Hills

“China Developer Buys Robinsons-May Site in Beverly Hills”
Julie Makinen
Los Angeles Times
August 8, 2014

The Times scored a win in picking up this storyabout how Chinese development giant Wanda is raising its bets on US real estate. Based in Beijing, Makinen can be forgiven, though, for not addressing what the real story is likely to be: the challenges the company is likely to face in gaining…

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China’s Hidden Health Crises

China’s Hidden Health Crises

Hutong Forward
Contemplating Anacostia
1940 hrs

I have done a lot of work over the past several years with companies in different parts of the healthcare industry, each seeking a way into the China market. Almost every first meeting entails the client bringing up China’s current Five-Year Plan, and trying to figure out how to capture opportunities around the nation’s healthcare priorities as laid…

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Yahoo! China According to Susan Decker

Yahoo! China According to Susan Decker

An Insider’s Account of the Yahoo!-Alibaba Deal
Sue Decker
HBR Blog Network
August 6, 2014

American businesswoman Susan Decker, president...

Susan Decker at employee all hands meeting in Sunnyvale, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have not yet stumbled across Sue Decker’s article in the Harvard Business Review blogs, please read it. Decker, who left Yahoo! in 2009 after being passed over for the CEO post in lieu of former Autodesk CEO

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Event: Internet Governance and China

Event: Internet Governance and China

If you’re in or near Shanghai and interested at all in the issues raised in my post on China’s evolving approach to Internet governance, you definitely want to catch “Who Controls China’s Internet,” a talk being given by Professor Mark Grabowskiof New York’s Adelphi University on Monday, August 11 at 7pm at C3 Cafe. Grabowski, who has focused on the Internet and media, is working to help frame a…

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Beijing’s New Internet Buzzphrase

Beijing’s New Internet Buzzphrase

Hutong Forward
Planespotting at Reagan National
1655 hrs 

In a ten minute speech last month in London at the 50th Meeting of ICANN, Lu Wei, the Minister of China’s Cyberspace Affairs Administration, introduced a set of seven principles under which, according to him, the Internet should be governed. While not much attention was paid Mr. Lu or his speech outside of the confines of the attendees, we…

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Electric Cars and China

Electric Cars and China

“The mechanical value of the automobile is falling, but the electric value of the car is rising.”

– Amit Gattani, Micron Technologies

Let’s take Amit’s point one step further: the trajectory of automotive development is such that the car is evolving into an oversized piece of consumer electronics. If there is a single factor that inveighs in favor of China eventually becoming the automaker to the…

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Edelman, Rui Chenggang, and China PR

Edelman, Rui Chenggang, and China PR

Hutong Forward
In the Shadow of the Pentagon
1710 hrs

As more details about ties between the China operations of Edelman Public Relations and erstwhile China Central Television (CCTV) anchor Rui Chenggang are released, a wave of schadenfreudehas risen amongst both Edelman’s rivals and the detractors of public relations. As happened when Edelman was caught in a similar ethical imbroglio when it…

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U.S. policy makers see a frustrating paradox: at a time when China’s economy is in triumphant ascendance—thanks in large part to America opening its vast markets to Chinese trade—the old hatreds that Nixon remarked upon are burning more brightly than ever.
"Beijing’s Appetite for Engagement Ebbs"
Andrew Browne
The Wall Street Journal
July 15, 2014
In other recent developments regarding nuclear energy, Chinese premier Li Keqiang announced in London that China will design, own, and operate nuclear power plants for Britain, reports the Daily Mail.

Accident at Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant Blamed On Mistake | Nanfang Insider

Okay, let me get this straight: this is a country that cannot build a decent steel bridge for California, and they’re talking about building building, owning, and operating nuclear power plats for Britain?

Someone has taken leave of their senses.

"Who’s there?"
Anita who?
Anita Martini. 
  • "Knock-knock."
  • "Who’s there?"
  • "Anita."
  • Anita who?
  • Anita Martini. 
Linux users shake their heads.

Linux users shake their heads.

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China Goes West: The Coming Rise of Chinese Brands

China Goes West: The Coming Rise of Chinese Brands

China Goes West: Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Companies Going Global
Joel Backaler
May 2014

If there is one question that vexes many observers in China, it is this: how can Chinese companies begin to build – or become – global brands? Thirty-six years after the beginning of reforming and opening, only a handful of Chinese companies – Lenovo, Huawei, Haier, Tsingtao –…

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